Senior Care

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SeniorCareHelper have recently provided us with some great resources to share. These links below provide valuable information for various aspects of eldercare.


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A sitting or standing desk: what’s best?

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It’s no secret that we spend more time sitting down today than we did a fair few decades ago. And an obvious contributing factor is our desk-based work culture.

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Eating and Activity Guidelines

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This document provides evidence-based health advice on healthy eating and being physically active. It is written for health practitioners and others who provide advice on nutrition and physical activity for...

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Text neck: how looking down at your mobile phone can strain your neck

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Looking at our skeleton’s alignment more closely, the average head weighs 8–12 pounds and balances on top of a relatively thin spinal column.

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Ergonomics: how to set up your home office

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For desk-based jobs, sitting for long periods of time is unavoidable, which can lead to lower back pain. However, if you adjust your office chair properly, you can support your back, legs and hips correctly and take the pressure of your lower spine.

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Don’t turn your back on back pain: osteopathy can help

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According to the University of Otago, up to 1 in 3 New Zealanders suffer from back pain on any given day, causing them discomfort, decreased mobility, and a reduced quality...

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Osteoarthritis and how osteopathy can help with pain management


OA progresses slowly and develops over many years. In most cases, only small changes affect parts of the joint. However sometimes it’s more severe and extensive.

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Headaches and how osteopathy can help relieve them

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This is by no means comfortable for headache sufferers and, although temporary pain relief can be found through over-the-counter medications, it’s best to address the cause of the pain to avoid any recurrences.

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Kids and sports: how much is too much?

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On the one hand, half of our kids aged 5–14 years favour a more sedentary lifestyle, watching 2 or more hours of TV a day. And only 10% of secondary school students are meeting the current recommendations of 60 minutes of physical activity daily, according to the Youth’12 survey.

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Dormant Bottom Syndrome: do you have a lazy bum?

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When you have a lazy bottom, your glutes don’t work as efficiently as they should, causing the muscles and joints around the area to compensate and absorb any shock.

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Exercise during and after pregnancy

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Our clients often ask us if they should exercise during pregnancy. And, in most case, we encourage it. But your overall health, base level of fitness and individual pregnancy must be considered. 

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The Fountain of Youth

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The Fountain of Youth lies in Exercise! Last weekend, I attended the NZ Association of Musculoskeletal Medicine scientific meeting.

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Alzheimer's Prevention

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I attended an event hosted by the Neurological Foundation last month aimed at educating the public on Alzheimer’s prevention.

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Winter Aches and Pains


We've had some gorgeous days of late in sunny Christchurch with plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy our beautiful province.

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Getting the most from your osteopathic treatment - After treatment care

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Some people will experience soreness for a day or so after an osteopathic treatment. This is quite normal and often an indication of increased circulation and removal of toxins such...

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On your marks, get set, go!!!


It’s great to see so many of our patients training for the many upcoming running events around Christchurch and New Zealand this year.

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