If you’re into climbing or bouldering, you’ll know that it can take its toll on your body, and from time to time you need a little extra support to stay strong, agile and mobile. Osteopathy is a hands-on therapy that is particularly suitable for treating climbers because of its local focus within a holistic framework.  Osteopaths are musculoskeletal health specialists who have had intensive training in understanding the body’s framework and how it works.

Climbing and bouldering require strength, agility and mobility in order to move from hold to hold effectively. 

The following are some of the ways in which osteopathy can support climbers to stay fit and agile:

  •  Mobilising, articulating, stretching and manipulating the body to provide a climber/boulderer with a mobile and flexible body.
  •  Working on specific areas to reduce tension, stress and restriction, which can allow the patient better movement while climbing, strength with holds and can help to increase fluidity with each technique while climbing. 
  •  Developing climber-specific programs to increase strength, endurance and/or mobility and much more. Whatever your goals are with climbing, your osteopath can help you achieve these. 
  • Providing advice and guidance on what muscles you need to strengthen and stabilise in order to enjoy your climbing. 
  • Providing dietary, activity and lifestyle advice to help you on your climbing journey. 
  • Working on knees, ankles, hips, wrists and shoulders to keep joints healthy and happy. Osteopaths use techniques that aim to increase mobility, reduce tension, provide more “space” and decongest areas that are tight. 

Osteopathic treatment can help with injuries or imbalances in your joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves, allows your body to function effectively, can reduce pain and discomfort, and speed up recovery from injury. Osteopaths use gentle but direct techniques to increase joint mobility, muscle flexibility and can also work with the nervous system to help decrease tension.

One of our osteopaths, Tori, is a keen climber and boulderer herself and loves working with people who share her passion. For more information on how osteopathy could help you, call us on 03 3556 166.

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